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Petroglyph “Les Graelletes”

This stone is located between two enclaves of considerable importance in the history of the past of this area, the two hills or hillocks located on its right and left and in which physical remains of certain relevance belonging to the Bronze have been found. These engravings belong to the Bronze Age, although not the whole, some are of greater antiquity. In some of these stones is the sign of the labyrinth; This is not very common to find in many places, the place where it is most representative is Galicia.

Some of the signs within “Les Graelletes”, we could also affirm that they are, of those determined as fusiform, and there are parallelisms with other studied zones although not very close geographically.

Situations of overposition or approximation of some of the motifs, or of repetition, seem to be that they respond in almost all the petroglyphs of many places, even outside the Peninsula, to which they begin to engrave or carve primitive cultures that span very long periods in time, and each one with its peculiarities, and finding in all historical moments the deepest magical-religious feeling and in all cases something supernatural.

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