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Town planning

The current General Plan of urban planning of myrrh field, was approved on May 30, 1997, being the object of the same the definition of the strategy of use of the territory and its structural urban planning.

The General Plan is applicable in the totality of the municipal term of Campo de Mirra and its validity is indefinite, as long as it is not definitively approved a revision of it, without prejudice to any specific modifications or the total or partial suspension of its Effect.

The current general Plan will be revised when new criteria are to be adopted that affect the general organic structure of the municipal territory, or when substantial variations of its elements or structuring determinations are plnateen.

The determinations of the General Plan shall be interpreted on the basis of the criteria which, based on the proper meaning of their words and definitions, and in relation to the context and the antecedents, take into account mainly their spirit and purpose, as well as the reality Of the time they are to be applied.

In all that is not regulated by this General Plan, the current regulations, both basic and sectoral, will apply.

The Plan document is the key and essential part of the urban planning approach. It is for this reason that the City Council of Campo de Mirra makes available to all citizens the document in PDF format.