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On March 26, 1244 the Treaty of Almirra was signed, in which the borders between the Crown of Castilla and the Crown of Aragon were fixed.

The origin of this population is fixed in the old castle of Almizra and in its population, place where in March of 1244 signed the Treaty of Almizra between Jaime I and Alfonso X the Wise delimiting the possessions of each one of the kingdoms.

In the 13th century Campo de Mirra remained under the dependence of Biar. The 11 of April of 1280 granted “carta puebla” to the castle of Biar, and to the places of Almizra (Campo de Mirra), Negret and Benizamaya, all of them for old Christians and to jurisdiction of Valencia.

Campo de Mirra belonged to the government of Játiva (of the Júcar) until 1707, from this moment and until 1833 it remained incorporated in the government (corregimiento) of Jijona.

At the end of the 18th century, in 1795 this population was incorporated into the municipality of Benejama, maintaining it until 1836, when it became a municipality along with Cañada until in 1843 it became an independent municipality.