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Dear citizens and users:

First receive a cordial greeting all citizens and users who access this website.

Its main function is to offer the information of the work that is done daily in this department, as well as to give them to know the different programs that from it are offered.

We intend to open this window, to be closer and thus contribute to enhance the new technologies, increasingly used by all and that allow access to many people who by time, residence or disability, can not do otherwise.

It is a dynamic and functional web page that will be introducing more information every day and that will continue opening new ways of consultation and participation, with the purpose of establishing new channels of communication with citizens.

We hope it is a useful, practical and enjoyable service that counts with more and more people who intend to approach us by this means.


A cordial greeting from:

D. Mª. Nieves Vázquez Pérez, Department of Culture.