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El pas de la Vereda

El pas de la Vereda

Recovery project of the Vereda de la Font

The main objective of this project is to protect and enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the closest environment.

This local path is the continuation of PR-CV 171 “Els Calderons” that links the Beneixama Valley and Els Alforins along the path of the Vereda de la Font and connects Biar with the Font de la Figuera.

Its length is of a total of 1,520m. that we will follow by the signs of hunting and the milestone of the municipal terms of Camp de Mirra and Villena (Alicante) with Fontanars dels Alforins (Valencia).

We will reach the top of the Sierra de La Solana (876m.) And continue through a steep slope between the natural balcony of the Alforins and the micro-reservoir “Penya dels Gavilans” in the Fontanars river.

On the side of the valley of the Vereda we will reach a path where we can see the remains of Teular de la Safra on the left.

A few meters ahead, l’Abeurador Reial de la Safra with all the space for meeting and resting of the cattle (745m).

In the book by Jesús García Guardiola edited by M.I. City of Villena with the title “Archeology, patrominio and landscape: The Valley of the Alhorines” we will find an important description of the whole environment of this site the “Sender”.

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