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“La Fantasmeta” hill

It presents little outstanding slopes, the top culminates with a small platform with both Islamic materials, dateable at the end of the 13th century, and the Bronze (Site studied in the work done by the research grant of the Juan Gil Albert Studies Institute 1989, with the title of Prehistoric Poverty of the Alto Vinalopó).

A few meters from the site of “La Fantasmeta”, a cyclopean structure, known as “La Caseta dels Corps”, it has two large slabs of limestone arranged vertically, parallel to a step of the natural rock of the hill of 1 ’10 m tall. On both of them, a slab of large dimensions is arranged as a roof.

This structure presents an open face to the N / NE, to which a block line of limestone is attached, arranged in a semicircle whose axes are born in the walls of the structure, forming a possible chamber or anteroom.

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